3 benefits of your Lock-off Room

Lock-Off Room




A lot of you might be asking yourself “Mmmm…. but what is a Lock-off Room and why are all Real Estate Agencies talking about it?” Well let me explain the many reasons that a Lock-Off Room will benefit your income. First of all I’ll explain the definition of this concept, which is a room that is integrated in your condo or house that counts with its own little kitchen, complete bathroom, it’s own entrance and has a double door that divides it from the rest of the house. This will  be a great acquisition for your rental income and you could do it while you’re still enjoying your stay.

But let’s take a deeper knowledge of the reasons why you should be looking for developments that offer you this incredible amenity for you to multiply your income!

Benefits of a Lock-Off Room

  • Cost Savings: For having an extra room, you will always have the possibility of owning that room for a family member, any visits, or for any similar occasion. This will offer you more space and not having to build any extra room if it’s needed.
  • Privacy: The privacy will be one of the best benefits, the separate entrance of the Lock-Off Room will guarantee you and the guest of the separate room more privacy.
  • Increase revenue potential: Buying a condo or a house with a Lock-Off Room will be the best way for investing. You could rent both units and make more income than just renting one.

These are one of the many benefits that a Lock-Off Room has. This is why if you’re interested in investing in real estate you should be looking for developments that could offer you amenities like this, which will increase the revenue potential and will make it easier for you to recover your money invested.

The best place in Mexico for a Lock-Off Room will depend on many things, but definitely the best locations are the ones that have more foreigners visiting. Tulum, which is located on the Caribbean Coast, is one of the most popular places for foreigners to arrive. Many of them are looking for some cheap place to stay, while they can travel and get to know the mayan jungle. So this target is perfect for separate room you will acquire in your condo, this will means that Tulum will be a perfect spot for this amenity.

But … What developments count with this incredible amenity? I have the best two developments that will give you this opportunity and will increase your income:

  • Selva Norte: If you are more into condos than houses, this is the perfect option for you. Selva Norte is a residential development which counts with the amenity of a Lock-Off Room in all of the condos. Having a great ROI and amazing amenities perfect for your stay. It is located in Downtown Tulum, no more than 20 minutes away from the new airport. If you are interested, visit there webpage: https://selvanorte.com
Lock-Off Room
Photo by @selvanortetulum
  • Distrito La Selva: These development is a compuse by 13 residential houses located in Downtown Tulum. These are all personalized houses that can have the option of having a Lock-Off Room, totally separated of the main house. The Lock-Off Room is located in a bugalow near the pool, it has it’s own rooftop, it’s own little kitchen, plunge pool, complete bathroom, pergola in rooftop and more. The entrance will be different of the main entrance. If you are interested, visit there webpage: https://distritolaselvatulum.com
Lock-Off Room
Photo by @distritolaselva

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