A guide for investing in Mexico

There are multiple choices in the field of investing, but with no doubt the real estate business
is the new favorite. With many options of where to invest, Mexico is a unique and profitable
destination because of the many tourists that arrive each year. Investing in Mexico is a
smart way to multiply your income. With that being said, let’s talk about a Real Estate
agency which has the best destinations with incredible developments, BeLiving. These
developments are located in the most profitable cities within real estate of Mexico. Some of
these destinations are the following:

Selva Norte and Distrito La Selva, Tulum:

Buying real estate in Tulum is one of the most popular things to do for investors. When you
are thinking of investing in Mexico, this city will be on the top of the list. With a different and
unique vibe, this city has become a favorite location for foreigners. The return of money
varies between 5-7%. These two developments, Selva Norte and Distrito La Selva, are in the
heart of Tulum city and provide incredible amenities that will take your Tulum experience to
another level.

La Noria, San Miguel:

If your plan of investing in Mexico is targeted towards a city with a great lifestyle, San
Miguel de Allende is your perfect choice. This city is surrounded with a colonial mexican
style, filled with cobbled streets, eccentric and elegant locals. This cosmopolitan
development is located in the downtown area, which according to Travel + Leisure’s “Best in
the world lists”. Providing a 3 bedroom residence with incredible amenities, La Noria is a
great investment opportunity.

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VidaMar and Olympia, Acapulco:

If you are looking for a more local city to invest in, Acapulco is a spectacular option.
Surrounded by the Pacific Sea and lagoons, this city is a dream come true. Acapulco offers
stylish locals and restaurants, for that reason it was the favorite destination of many
celebrities in the 70s and 80s, like the Kennedys that spent their honeymoon there. These
two developments are located in the Riviera Diamante, an exclusive zone that has many
activities for you and your family. Providing amenities that will make your stay unforgettable