Specialties and services

Personalized consulting with a high investment orientation in the acquisition of Real Estate

Somewhere is that perfect real estate investment for you. Let’s find it together.
We are a team of certified professionals with extensive experience in real estate marketing. We guide you by the hand, a personalized service is provided where we create a 360º, experience so that you make the best decision according to your needs.
We facilitate the process between the seller and the buyer and ensure that all the steps are followed correctly.

Property rental management.

No one better than us, your property will have the best return of
Once the process of sale, delivery and deed is completed; if your wish is to recover your investment through vacation and/or monthly or longterm rentals, we will guide you again through the process, either with our internal allies in each destination, or to find the most convenient option for you to manage your property in the most effective way to make your investment yield.

In the Riviera Maya, the average annual occupancy is 65% in Airbnb rentals, and operating costs between 15% and 30% of rental income, depending on the characteristics of the property, which indicates that it is a great destination to invest.

Orientation in Trusts for the acquisition of real estate.

Don’t worry, we know the contacts and specialists on the subject. 

If you are a foreigner and you have no idea where to start, we want you to feel at home, we accompany you in your purchase process, we take you by the hand step by step until you obtain your Trust in order to obtain your property title.
It is an honor to provide peace of mind to our clients, friends and future neighbors by eliminating risks during real estate transactions.

Advice on notarial and titling procedures.

We have alliances between agencies and highly professional firms.
Whether or not you have an idea what goes on after you buy a property, we will guide you in the process of deeding and obtaining your property title.
We work directly with law firms specialized in real estate issues, from the review of promise of sale contracts, bureaucratic procedures, trusts for foreigners, public deed, obtaining property title and any legal act that is required to obtain the property.
When you head to the closing table, you are confident that the property you are buying has a clean title, that all of the right boxes have been checked and that every little detail has been seen to. That’s what we do.
We meticulously research the history of the property, underwrite title insurance policies and serve as a neutral third party to handle all of the details when a property changes hands.

Advice on mortgage loan procedures.

Our agreement with expert brokers will tell you where to best invest to have your dream place.
If you require a bank credit or a loan to obtain your property, count on us to guide you and leave you in the best hands so that your procedure is as light as possible.

Furniture and decoration.

Nothing better than a property ready to use, so if you require it we have the option to equip your property with a wide and select catalog of furniture and decoration from the best manufacturers in the area.

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