Investing in Mexico as a foreigner

Investing in Mexico has never been so easy. Mexico is growing exponentially and opportunities to
increase your income are at an all-time high. Tulum is an excellent tourism destination, therefore the
investing panorama is on the rise. There are considerable requirements needed in order to take
action. If you’re looking forward to taking new and rewarding opportunities, keep reading this article
and find out how to do it the right way.
Process for investing in Mexico
Some certificates and documents are requested to achieve your way to obtain the requirements
needed. Regarding the idea of investing in Mexico, this is the exact process you need to follow:

● Certificates:
● Freedom from encumbrances
● Proof of no debt in fiscal matters
● Land use of your property
● Marriage certificate (when applicable)
● Documents:
● Property title
● Property bill
● Water bill

After completing these steps the notary will provide and execute the deed. This document is going to
help determine how much both the seller and the buyer will pay in taxes. However, a quick important
note. If the item that is about to be purchased is a house, the seller can exempt the ISR payment.
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What is the restricted area?
Due to the restrictive area, as a foreigner you cannot buy real estate located within 100 km from the
state border and 50 km from the coast. However you can get a bank or corporate trust that will be
valid for the next 50 years (renewable). And you might be asking yourself, what is a trust? Let me
explain that to you.
A trust is a contract built between a person of Mexican nationality, a bank and a trustee. This contract
will give you the rights of possession of your real estate. There are several developments that will help
you get through all these procedures and set everything up so you can invest as a foreigner without
any issue. Some of these developments are:

● Selva Norte
● Distrito La Selva
● VidaMar
● Olympia
● La Noria