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Invest in Acapulco



With all the beautiful destinations of Mexico, Acapulco has been an  outstanding location for tourists and real estate business. There are many good reasons to invest in Acapulco as a foreigner, it could be for its beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife and the incredible cultural attractions that it has to offer. But… maybe that is not enough for you to invest, right? Let’s talk about the real reasons that will make you feel much secure about investing:

So… Why invest in Acapulco?

  1. The cheap prices compare to other locations: Mexico its known for being way cheaper than other countries of North America, for that reason it has an affordable cost of living. Don’t worry for spending time there and worrying about the prices that are all around you. You will be having the best experience with the best prices!
  2. The growth of the tourism industry: For the last years Acapulco has been an excellent location for the Mexican and international real estate business. For this reason it will keep growing, for the great opportunity of investing in hotels, real estate developments and for vacation rentals. Mexicans love to spend holidays in Acapulco, so it will always be money circulating.
  3. High rental demand: There will always be rental demand, because of the steady flow of tourisms that visit each year. This is great if someone wants to invest, it will guarantee you a good reward.
  4. Location: It is a 4 hour drive from Mexico City or if you prefer going on an airplane, it would be a 1 hour flight. It counts with an International and National Airport, that have many flights that arrive or depart to the United States. This facilitates every transportation problem you might think about. Other benefit is, that the location of all the major hotels and real estate developments are in Riviera Diamante, which is a zone that is much secure and cleaner than other parts of Acapulco.
  5. Stable economy: Mexico’s central bank has a great stable monetary policy. This favors the economy and stability for inflation, this will always make your inversion better.

With this being said, you might be asking yourself … “Well, I already know the good reasons to invest in Mexico, but my question now is, where to invest?” So let me tell you the best places in Acapulco for you to invest.

Where to invest in Acapulco?

Olympia Residential:

Live in the heart of Riviera Diamante! This development will guarantee you the best prices and location of Acapulco. Within 5 minutes driving from a supermarket, a commercial center, concert auditorium and more attractions that will make the transportation much easier. It has a beautiful view to the Tres Palos lagoon, you will be a witness of the amazing and spectacular sunrise and sunset. All mornings the sunrise getting up from the lagoon and all afternoons the sunset going down to the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

It really has a lot to offer, so check the webpage for more doubts:

VidaMar Residencial:

Make VidaMar your next investment opportunity. This real estate development has everything you’ve ever wished for. Including a beach club that has  private access to the beach and many other things that make it valuable! The condos are 150 m2 long and offers many amazing amenities that will guarantee you a great time.

You could join this exclusive community at Riviera Diamante, so check the webpage for more doubts:


Invest in Acapulco
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This is a life opportunity for you to multiply your profits, so don’t think this twice and start looking! I am sure you will not regret it at all. For more blogs like this visit: A guide for investing in Mexico