Best 3 places to spend your Valentine’s day in Mexico

Valentine's day in Mexico?




Are you tired to spend the same old Valentine’s with your couple? Watching a movie or going out for dinner, this are not bad plans at all but this year make it special and travel to the best 3 most romantic getaways in Mexico. Either if  you’re into a peaceful plan with your couple or a party time with friends, there is a wide option of places that will offer you just what you are looking. You will not regret spending your Valentine’s Day in Mexico, so take a dive into the amazing places in our beautiful country and choose your perfect plan for this February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful town with a colonial style that has to offer many good restaurants, local stores, incredible nightlife and has a wide number of tours that you and your couple are going to enjoy.

  • There is an amazing gastronomy class that you can buy and you will not have to worry about the language because there is an English option for you to experience. You will learn how to make regional traditional dishes, like mole, and the story behind them. You can pay for a private session or do it in a small group, perhaps for a more romantic getaway the private option would be the best decision. The dinner, bottle waters and drinks are included in the price, which will be approximately about $ 145 dollars.

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  • You could go to a romantic dinner to the most amazing terrace with a beautiful view of downtown San Miguel de Allende. There are two options, if you rather  have a more quite and peaceful night your best option would be Lunas Rooftop Tapas Bar. These terrace is located on the top of the Rosewood Hotel and you can watch the sunset on the terrace that has one of the best views of the entire city, their specialty is international tapas and oh boy they know how to prepare them. If your plan leans towards something more social and with music to dance, we recommend La Quince terrace. In which you can find a good atmosphere with good music, good drinks, very tasty food and a spectacular view.


Just thinking about the incredible landscapes of Tulum already gives you a romantic and perfect vibe to spend with your partner. Being one of the places where more couples will spend their honeymoons due to the large number of activities and things to do, Tulum awaits you this February 14 to enjoy a romantic weekend with your couple.

  • Spend your morning on a romantic tour in the pyramids of the Archaeological Zone of Tulum. What better than knowing the great history of the Mayans with your partner and being able to talk about it during the day, questioning yourself what Tulum was like in those days. After finishing the tour to the pyramids, which we recommend you do with a guide, you can go to Playa Paraiso. A beach that has been mentioned in different sources as the most beautiful beach in the world. Go by bike and carry a picnic in your bags so you can have lunch on the beach talking about life and history.
  • If you want to spend an unforgettable day visiting a unique place, you must go to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. If you are one of the couples who like to connect with nature and delve into what planet earth has to offer, this is your perfect plan. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere is a protected area that has become a World Heritage Site. It has many species of marine fauna and flora in its area. It has lagoons to which you can hire a tour and spend the afternoon there.
  • You must be thinking that I have missed the most important part of the romantic weekend …. the romantic dinner! The time in which you can talk about life and your affairs in a comfortable way and enjoying a delicious meal. It is already known that Tulum has a great variety of restaurants, but none better than the Azulik restaurant. This hotel will make you live an incomparable experience, as well as enjoy a view of the Caribbean Sea and eat its dishes which are of a first-class level. After the afternoon at the Biosphere or at Playa Paraíso, dress up and enjoy a romantic dinner in the most beautiful place in Tulum.
Valentine's day in Mexico
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Acapulco is a city where you will have plenty of plans and good time with your couple. With first-class restaurants and many things to do, this February 14, go visit Acapulco and immerse yourself in everything it has to offer.


  • We will start with a romantic dinner in this beautiful city of Guerrero. There are several places that can offer you delicious gastronomy but we will name the best two restaurants that will make your romantic evening one that you will remember forever. El Zibu, which consists of Thai and Mexican food where you can find a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. The second is Becco al Mare, which is the best Italian restaurant in all of Acapulco, with an unbeatable view as well. Go to dinner with your partner, talk about life and enjoy your romantic dinner in one of these two incredible options.
  • The most romantic plan you can do in Acapulco is to rent a yacht to go see the sunset. In many packages they already include drinks and food. You can go from the afternoon, eat there, they usually stop at points in the ocean where you can go into the sea, and on the way back you can see the beautiful sunset in the Pacific Ocean. This is a plan that will guarantee you to close your February 14th in the best way.
Valentine's day in Mexico?
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