These are the best facets of Mexico

Facets of Mexico

Being a country with different ecosystems and biodiversity, Mexico has a lot to offer. Known by its amazing beaches and beautiful colonial villages, today you are going to discover the different facets of Mexico. Discover all the styles that our beautiful country has to offer. Imagine yourself spending the day under the bright Caribbean sun or having breakfast at a colonial town. All of this can be possible in just one country that has a lot of history and places to visit. Now we are going to tell you the top facets you can visit:

San Miguel de Allende:

if you are planning on visiting a peaceful colonial city with many restaurants and cafés, with different stores and a beautiful church located in the downtown area. San Miguel is definitely your perfect spot to visit since it offers this type of facet.

Facets of Mexico
Photo by Jillian Kim


The number one destination for foreigners in Mexico, with the most beautiful beaches, ruins and cenotes. If you are looking for a more tropical location this is your perfect option. With a style that has been recognized by the whole world, Tulum is offering all the history and beauty that you are looking for.


Located in the state of Queretaro, this little town is the perfect runaway you’ve been waiting for. With the colonial beauty all around downtown and the market that sells many local products this is a destination you need to add to your bucket list trips.


Last but not least, a location with an incredible night life and residential area. Acapulco has been known for many years as a perfect destination for you to enjoy your vacations. With one of the most beautiful sunsets of the world, this Mexican beach offers the perfect rest and holidays you need.

If you are looking forward to invest or buy a property in some of this locations, these are the best options you can start looking at:


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