Discover why Quintana Roo’s beaches are Mexico’s most popular

Quintana Roo's beaches




According to Trip Advisor, Quintana Roo’s beaches are among the most popular in Mexico. It’s no wonder, as this beautiful region located on the Yucatan Peninsula is a the house of some of Mexico’s most visited and stunning tourist destinations. For a long time its white sand beaches, natural jungle that surrounds you and the mystical cenotes are something that makes this location a valuable one against others in the country.

If you’re passionate about beaches, sun and sand, then Quintana Roo’s beaches will leave you amazed. From the famous beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, to the more relax and stunning beaches of Tulum and the Riviera Maya coast. Everyone wants to enjoy the bright sun, the warm ocean water, the magic that the jungle can offer, the great hospitality that Mexicans offer, the amazing culinary experiences, and the great night parties is just some of the things that make Quintana Roo so special to tourists.

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But… Why is it important to highlight the popularity of Quintana Roo’s beaches?

Quintana Roo’s beaches are an excellent place to invest in. As we know, tourism is one of the main sources of income for Mexico in general. If the region’s beaches are so popular, it’s because there’s a high demand from tourists looking to relax, enjoy the sun and the beach, and discover the all that Mexico has to offer.

Quintana Roo is an ideal place to invest in real estate, as demand for property is very high. If you’re considering investing in tourist properties such as vacation homes or condos, Quintana Roo is an excellent option. Thanks to the popularity of its beaches, the profitability of these types of investments is very high, and you can obtain a very interesting ROI.

So if you’re looking for a place to vacation or invest in Mexico, Quintana Roo is an option you can’t miss. With nature and modernity at your reach Quintana Roo is a tourist destination that won’t disappoint you. Dare to discover it and invest in it!

So where to invest in Quintana Roo?

There are many places that will offer you all the things that we already explain in the past paragraphs, but the best location to invest, without a doubt, is Tulum. With many projects being developed for the tourism this 2023, Tulum will be the best strategic point for all tourists because of the new airport, the Mayan Train, the new protective areas for the protection of species like the jaguar, and many more things that are in process for the end of this year.

Quintana Roo's
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

So now you know which is the best state to invest in Mexico, and the best city on that state. Don’t miss the chance of having this knowledge about the high ROI and the benefits that your wallet will have.

Okay so let’s dive a little deeper, we already have the state and the city…. now you’re going to ask yourself: Where in Tulum is the best place to invest my money? We have the answer for that one too. Tulum has a lot of high demand of real estate developments, but the two best options will be this two:

  • Distrito La Selva: Imagine having the opportunity to personalized your own house, well Distrito La Selva will give you the option of design your dream house. It is located in downtown Tulum, 15 minutes away from the new airport and 8 minutes away from the beach. Distrito La Selva is a set of 13 residential houses that have amazing distribution and amenities for your stay.

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  • Sleva Norte: This amazing residential area is composed by condos and villas that are within a privarte area that offers security entrance 24/7. It has other amenities that will make your stay very unique. Selva Norte is located in downtown Tulum 20 minutes far away from the airport and 8 minutes from the beach. This development is very aware of taking care of the planet, so they have many trees inside the area.

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