What is a blue flag beach and why you should visit them?

Blue flag beach



If you are looking for the most beautiful and safe beaches in Mexico, Blue Flag beaches can be an excellent option. But… You might be asking yourself, what is a Blue Flag beach? Basically, it’s a beach that has been awarded an international certification of environmental and safety quality, granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

To receive a Blue Flag, a beach must meet a series of strict requirements in various areas, such as water quality, safety, environmental management, and environmental education. Blue Flag beaches are evaluated annually to ensure that they continue to meet quality standards.

Why should you visit Blue Flag beaches in the Riviera Maya? There are many reasons for that answer but we will tell you some of the principal reasons. Firstly, these beaches are some of the most beautiful and cleanest in the region. Secondly, they strive to be sustainable and environmentally respectful, which means that you can enjoy the natural beauty without causing harm. And last but not least, supporting these type of beaches will make a positive impact on the area you are visiting. You will somehow promote this amazing sustainable way of enjoying the beach life in the region. And Mexico is one country that will offer this option for you to enjoy.

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Blue flag beach
Photo by WWF

Riviera Maya Blue Flag beaches:

  1. Quintana Roo: Ballenas, Coral, Chac-Pool, Delfines, Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancún, Iberostar Cancún, Live Aqua Cancún, Marlín, Playa del Niño, Las Perlas. This popular tourist beaches are one of the safest and cleanest in the region. They have crystal-clear waters and a wide variety of activities to enjoy.
  2. Islas Mujeres: Albaratos Beach, Atelier, Playa Centro, Playa Norte. This beaches are known for its turquoise waters and relaxed atmosphere. They are excellent options for those looking to escape the crowds.
  3. Puerto Morelos: Playa Sol and Ventana al Mar. This small coastal town is home to two Blue Flag beaches that are perfect for those seeking tranquility and serenity. They are an excellent option for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.
  4. Solaridad: Punta Esmeralda, Xcalacoco, Iberostar Tucán & Quetzal, Playa 88, Iberostar Playa Paraíso, Pelícanos. These beaches are stunning and beautiful, if you are looking for something close to paradise this is the perfect place for you to visit.

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If you are planning to visit the Riviera Maya, you should consider spending time at one of its Blue Flag beaches. These beaches are not only beautiful and clean, but they are also sustainable and environmentally respectful. So, don’t hesitate to add them to your list of destinations to visit!