The hidden gem of Azulik Uh May

Azulik Uh May

Azulik Uh May it’s a space of art and a holistic center, that has the main propuse of creating your best self within the creative sphere that’s sorrounding you. This amazing gem was founded by Azulik’s owner, Roth.  It is located on Francisco Uh May, 40 minutes away from the hotel zone in Tulum. With an abstract art created handmade by artisans, this place will blow your mind. What the owner wants to transmit, is that “art is the fundamental expression of the human spirit”. They host many multidisciplinary activities that will help to let yourself explore and create. Activities like ceramics, cuisine, a non profit organization to help individuals and tribes connect with themselves, and many more.

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Azulik Uh May
Photo by Austin Distel

Restaurant at Azulik Uh May

All of these restaurants have something that make them unique and they are all good for your soul. The Jungle Cuisine is a concept were all of there ingredients are raw and carefully selected, this will bring many benefits to your health. On the other hand we have Kin Toh, which is a holistic cuisine that will offer you the Mayan and Mexican gastronomy. Teen Ja is a Japanese and Mayan cuisine that combine traditional techniques of Far East with Mexican ingredients. Last but not least we have Mantle, a mixology menu that enhances the techniques of Oaxaca. You will love every one of these amazing restaurants, don’t miss them out.

Not yet it is important to say that the restaurant at Azulik Uh May is Jungle Cuisine. The others are located at Azulik Hotel in Tulum.

  • Kin Toh: Mayan and Mexican cuisine 
  • Tseen Ja: Japanese and Mayan
  • Jungle cuisine: alchemical and medicinal gastronomy 
  • Mantli : mixology menu from Oaxaca 



There are Villas located in Azulik that will make you experience something of other dimension. Today we are surrounded by technology, is almost impossible to imagine yourself without your cellphone the 24 hours a day. The concept of these hospitality at Azulik Uh May, is getting to connect with nature without the distraction of the technology. The villas do not count with air conditioning, television, electric light, or any technological divise. This will make you a part of the amazing environment you are in, and it will help you feel united to your inner you. This is located in Tulum, not at Francisco Uh May. The 7 villas are the following:

  • Aqua Villa
  • Sea Villa
  • Sky Villa 
  • Moon Villa
  • Jungle Villa 
  • Mayan villa 
  • Aztec Villa 

They have many more things to do or experience like yoga, meditation, rituals, events, beauty treatments, and more. For more information please visit there website: