2 destinations to invest in Mexico

Invest in Mexico

Mexico is a country surrounded by three types of maritime zones such as: the Gulf, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Known for its beautiful beaches and white sand, many people have been interested in the idea of investing in real estate developments. Having a great variety of options where to invest, since the Mexican Republic has 440 beaches, we will tell you the two best options to invest in Mexico, where the added value is significantly rewarding.

Invest in Mexico: Tulum

Tulum has been an exponential area of ​​tourism in Mexico. It is a destination with a lot to do and with activities that offer the inclusion of any type of age. With its paradisiacal beaches and its large number of cenotes, it has become a place that is perfect for investing. Both foreigners and Mexicans have decided to take advantage of the added value of the place. Examples of excellent developments that give you a good capital gain per year and are located in the center of Tulum are Distrito La Selva and Selva Norte. Each of these developments offers you something different.

Distrito La Selva  is a group of houses that you can customize to your liking, it offers you a space with your own private pool and you have the option to choose if you want to purchase a rooftop and a bungalow that would serve as a lock-off room to make it perfect for it to invest. The ROI of this real estate development is 11.91%.

As for Selva Norte, this development offers condos and villas that are located within a private complex, which also have a Lock-off system. The only development in Tulum with natural cenotes within the development and with incredible amenities to enjoy your stay. It has a condo that is exclusively for people who plan to invest in the development, which they call Condo Hotel. This condo has an agency that manages the rental of the place and is in charge of having it ready each time it is rented. This real estate development gives you an annual ROI of 13.57%.


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Invest in Mexico: Acapulco

Being the Mexican beach with the most national visits per year, Acapulco is a place where your investment will never fail. With unique sunsets and many activities that make fun never lack, Mexicans have chosen this as their vacation destination. Having many options where to invest, we recommend that you check these two options which are located in Riviera Diamante: VidaMar and Olympia.

VidaMar is a residential complex that is located on the Barra Vieja road, it is a group of apartments that have a beach club, clubhouse, multipurpose courts and much more at their disposal. This development has a lot to offer, such as extraordinary profitability and competitive prices. VidaMar has an annual ROI of 8.55% .

As for Olympia, this development of 36 exclusive apartments is perfect for investing due to its good location and the amenities it has to offer. Located near the Forum, the airport and the Tres Palos lagoon, it is the perfect place to enjoy your stay. It has an agreement with the Vidanta golf club so you don’t miss the beach. It offers a gym, a pool, Family Room, green areas, elevator and parking. Take advantage of the good prices this development has to offer. Olympia has an annual ROI of 11.74%.

2 successful beach destinations to invest in Mexico


 Invest in Mexico
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