Discover why Tulum has won the Leading Beach Destination Award

Tulum: Leading Beach Destination




Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Mexican Caribbean, Tulum has once again captured the spotlight by clinching the prestigious Leading Beach Destination Award for Mexico and Central America in the World Travel Awards 2023! This award, considered the Academy Award of tourism, is a testament to Tulum’s unparalleled charm, inviting travellers from around the globe to embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration, relaxation, and connection with nature.

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 Tulum has won the Leading Beach Destination Award… But Why?

A Tropical Haven

Tulum, a gem on the Yucatán Peninsula, stands as a natural treasure. Blessed with a year-round temperate climate, visitors can enjoy the perfect weather for soaking in the sun’s warm embrace or taking strolls along the spotless shoreline. This tranquil shelter offers an escape from the bustle of daily life, allowing travelers to unwind while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and unique boho-style stores.

The Allure of the Beach

Tulum’s powdery soft sands and crystal turquoise waters present a postcard scenario that promises both serenity and adventure. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of water sports, natural parks like Xcaret, the solace of a seaside yoga session, a holistic experience or simply a moment to travel and get to know this magic place, Tulum’s Beach offers a symphony of experiences that cater to every traveler’s desires.

Heartfelt Hospitality

What truly sets Tulum apart is the genuine warmth and hospitality of its people. Mexicans are renowned for their welcoming nature, and Tulum’s locals take this sentiment to heart. From the charming family eateries that offer authentic flavours to the local artisans who craft unique souvenirs, every Tulum interaction is infused with harmony and connection.

A Global Gem

Tulum’s recognition as the Leading Beach Destination is a testament to its unmatched allure. It’s not just a destination; it’s a transformative experience that immerses you in a world where time slows down, and nature’s wonders take centre stage. This award solidifies Tulum’s position not only as a top travel choice in Mexico but also as a must-visit destination on the global stage.

In the heart of Tulum, an extraordinary adventure awaits. Let the gentle power of palm trees, the feeling of soft sand beneath your feet, and the genuine smiles of locals envelop you in a journey of discovery. Come and experience the magic of Tulum!  A treasure of beauty, culture, and nature that promises memories to last a lifetime.

Where to stay in Tulum?

Distrito La Selva: Personalized Residences to Your Taste

Imagine having your slice of paradise in Tulum’s surroundings – that’s precisely what Distrito La Selva offers. Containing 13 residential houses, this development allows you to customize certain areas to match your taste. It’s a refuge where luxury and nature harmoniously coexist. With a style that’s distinctly “tuluminati,” these residences seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with the serene vibes of the jungle. It’s an oasis of tranquillity that invites you to create lasting memories while enjoying the ultimate in personalized comfort.

Tulum: Leading Beach Destination
Photo by Distrito La Selva

Selva Norte: Living in Community in Tulum

If you’re seeking a contemporary living experience that redefines luxury, Selva Norte is the answer. This collection of apartments embodies the modern essence of Tulum while paying homage to its natural wonders. Nestled in the heart of Tulum, Selva Norte offers a curated lifestyle that includes a gym, two cenotes within the complex, 24/7 security, co-working spaces, and more. It’s a symphony of convenience and indulgence, all enveloped in Tulum’s distinct atmosphere. With a backdrop of lush greenery, Selva Norte seamlessly marries contemporary living with the awe-inspiring beauty of its surroundings.

Tulum: Leading Beach Destination
Photo by @selvarentals