Afterlife Tulum 2024: A Musical Oasis in Nature’s Beauty



In the heart of Tulum’s natural landscapes, where the lush jungle and the blue clear water beaches are the main characters, a musical celebration like no other awaits you. Afterlife Tulum 2024, set to take place on January 4th and 6th, at Cenote Zamna Tulum, promises an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary. As the new year unfolds, Tulum comes alive with a unique energy, drawing in a diverse crowd for a week of festivities, music, and unique vibes.

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Elevate Your Senses in Tulum

The first week of January in Tulum is a time when life takes on a different rhythm. The allure of renowned DJs, vibrant parties, and New Year celebrations attracts a lot of people, creating an atmosphere that is both elevated and incredible. For many, the dream of ringing in the new year and the first weeks of January in Tulum becomes a reality, offering not only the chance to bask in the beauty of the beach and nature but also to immerse oneself in incredible music and a fantastic ambience.

Afterlife Tulum 2024

On the inaugural day of Afterlife, prepare for a musical journey orchestrated by talents such as Eynka, Brina Knauss, Cassian, Mind Against, Adriatique, and Tale Of Us. A special performance by Anyma presents ‘Genesys’ will ensure an unforgettable immersive musical encounter. The Isla stage will feature productions by Henri Bergmann, Stylo, David Lindmer, 8Kays, Recondite (Live), and Rebūke, while The Garden stage welcomes Wurtz, Afshin Momadi, Anii, 19:26, Dyzen, and The Element.

The second day features Omnya, Layla Benitez b2b Kasia, Chris Avantgarde, Argy, CamelPhat, and Tale Of Us. Another special performance, MRAK presents ‘We Don’t Follow,’ where music meets art, which will captivate the audience. The Isla stage hosts Olympe, Hunter/Game, Alfa Romero, Woo York (Live), Massano, and Colyn, while the Garden stage lineup includes Glowal, Ruback, Toto Chiavetta, Magdalena, Armonica, and Øostil.

AfterLife Tulum 2024
Photo by AfterLife Tulum 2024

Beyond the Beats

Afterlife Tulum is not just about music; it’s an immersive visual experience. World-class light and audio productions create a visually stunning and sonically rich environment, elevating the festival to a truly immersive level.

Where to stay from now on? Selva Norte and Distrito La Selva

For those who find Tulum’s magic irresistible, we present two exclusive developments: Selva Norte and Distrito La Selva.

  • Selva Norte: A development featuring villas and apartments with two natural cenotes within its premises. Enjoy first-class amenities and 24/7 security in a space where nature coexists with an incredible community.
Afterlife Tulum 2024
Photo by Selva Norte Tulum
  • Distrito La Selva: A collection of 13 residences designed for families or groups seeking an immersive Tulum experience. Spacious living areas, a private pool, and a Lock-Off Room bungalow make it an ideal haven for those planning to make Tulum a home away from home.
Afterlife Tulum 2024
Photo by Distrito La Selva

Afterlife Tulum is more than a festival; it’s a gateway to a lifestyle where nature, music, and luxury intertwine. Join us in this enchanting journey, and consider making Tulum your own with Selva Norte or Distrito La Selva – where the magic never fades.